Peter Lundholm

BW Peter LundholmLecturer in software, mostly the Adobe suite (Image, video, audio, post processing)
Phone: +46 90 786 70 37
Mobile: +46 70 662 87 00


BA in Music/English teaching. Started working in the multimedia business (now it is called game or internet) in 1989. Was a partner of a company (Datadesign & Multimedia AB) between 1990 to 1996 where we did several cd productions, mostly for organisations, museums and the ilk. Later I started to work for Daydream Software as a lead programmer for the game "Traitors Gate", a 2 year project spanning four cd-roms. I worked briefly with an online gambling project in Virginia, U.S when the IT bubble bust, then went home to Umeå and started at UID in 2001

What I do at UID

Teaching various basic aspects of editing data in photoshop, premiere, audition and after effects.


Tutoring and teaching all the above.

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- The Photo studio
- Problem solving