Lars Byström

Lars ByströmTechnician
Phone: +46 90 786 96 44


I was born in Linköping and have moved around a lot, mainly in Sweden and particularly along the coastal towns of Norrland. I started out with an education to become a watchmaker, and after that I have studied electronics, basic electrical skills, control and regulation techniques, cnc machine repairs, automation, and most recently three years of medical school.

I have a similar story when it comes to my work life: Watch maker, Industrial worker, railway worker, worked with delivering food to restaurants, truck driver, I have worked in medical care and so on. I was also safety officer when I worked at the railway.

What I do at UID

Maintenance of the workshop machines, checking and ordering materials to keep the stock up. Workshop support, repairs and much more.

I have held some introduction courses to the wood shop, and I am also the deputy work environment representative.

I am responsible for how we handle flammable substances.