Welcome back to a real-life grad show at the UID premises! Once again, students will showcase their unique talents through live on-stage talks and physical models at the degree exhibition. For the online audience, live streaming and a packed digital gallery awaits. UID22 offers an exclusive insight into each student's unique journey as they reveal their final design concepts.

This year's theme - resilient futures - reflects a vision shaped by students themselves, as they take on the challenges facing our global society. During a time of unparalleled uncertainty students have demonstrated remarkable adaptability and spirit as they prepare to share their visions for a more resilient future, often through the lens of sustainability. As per tradition, the event will also include keynotes by leading designers, portfolio interviews and a host of networking opportunities.

Save the dates May 31  - June 1! We welcome our strategic partners in the design industry and the UID alumni community to join by signing up here if they wish to attend the physical event in Umeå.

Send any questions to: jens.persson@umu.se 

  • Note: UID22 is an invitation-only event. The last day to sign up was on May 22 and we now have a full house!

  • Companies that will be joining UID22:

    Apple (USA), Mckinsey Design (Sweden),  Kiska (Austria), Microsoft (Germany/USA), Frog Design (Germany & Italy), Flir (Sweden), Granstudio (Italy), Swedbank (Sweden), Tellart (The Netherlands), Electrolux (Sweden), Fjord (Sweden), North Kingdom (Sweden), Above Agency (Sweden), EGGS Design (Norway), Designit (Denmark), Designworks USA Inc. (Germany), Volvo Cars (Sweden), BRP (Canada), TietoEvry (Sweden), Cliff Design (Sweden), Cisco (Norway), Curation (UK), Honda R&D (Germany), Reaktor (The Netherlands), Berge Consulting (Sweden), Jabra (Denmark), Lynk&Co (Sweden), Leica Cameras (Germany), Bang & Olufsen (Denmark), Volvo Trucks (Sweden), Design Partners (Ireland), Logitech (Switzerland) and many more.