Camille Moussette

Camille Mousette

PhD in industrial design (2012)
PhD thesis:
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Born in Montreal, Canada. Hyperactive by nature, Camille Moussette likes the blurry connections between humans, atoms and bits. He holds a Physics degree, a bachelor in Industrial Design, a Masters in Interaction Design and a PhD in industrial design. His PhD thesis, Simple Haptics: Sketching Perspecitves for the Design of Haptic Interactions, was presented in October 2012. In January 2013, Camille began working at Apple in Cupertino, California. His previous work experience includes microelectronics R&D (IBM and NRC Canada), web consulting and various involvement in projects ranging from building architectural snow structures in Scandinavia and Italy, to exploring the design of new haptic interfaces at Microsoft Research. At  Umeå Institute of Design, he developed the teaching and organisation of the Interaction workshop, and has been teaching classes in Experience Prototyping, Hardware Sketching and Design Ethnography at UID.

PhD project


Designing haptic interfaces is absolutely not trivial. It typically requires knowledge in psychophysics, interaction design and engineering. Despite an already established research field designers are generally unfamiliar with the haptic domain. My PhD project explored how designers can best embrace and design for this underutilized modality. My research inquiries investigated new tools, approaches and building blocks to sketch, understand, explore, experiment quickly and develop a design sensitivity to haptics.

My advisors were Daniel Fällman (Interactive Institute Umeå) and Bill Buxton (Microsoft Research).

Areas of interest

Haptics, Multimodal, Touch sense, Prototyping, Tangible interfaces, Sketching in Hardware, Experience Prototyping, Toolkits for designers.

Publications and presentations

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-PhD thesis: Simple Haptics. Available in printed book and PDF version. Video recording of the dissertation is accessible here.

-Moussette, C. 2012. Learn to make, make to learn: Reflections from Sketching Haptics Workshops. To appear in Proceedings of DeSForM 2012: Design and Semantics of Form and Movement, Wellington, New Zealand

-Haptics Symposium 2012, Vancouver (Canada), panel workshop presenter: Tools and Techniques for Prototyping Haptic Interfaces

-Moussette, C., Kuenen, C. & Israr, A. 2012. Designing Haptics, Studio, In Proceedings of the sixth international conference on Tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction (TEI'12). ACM Press.

- Sketching Haptics workshop at University of British-Columbia, Vancouver (Canada), 4 day sketching in hardware + haptics with the SPIN research group, August 2011.

-Fallman, D. & Moussette, C. 2011. Sketching with stop motion animation, ACM Interactions, Volume XVIII.2, March + April (pp. 57-61), New York, NY: ACM Press. DOI=10.1145/1925820.1925833

-Internship at Microsoft Research Redmond (USA), with the Computational User Experiences group. January to April 2011.

-Moussette C. & Banks R., 2011. Designing through Making: exploring the simple haptic design space, Proceedings of TEI'11, Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction 2011, Funchal (Portugal), 22-26 January 2011.

-Doctoral Consortium, DIS 2010, Århus (Denmark), August 2010.

-Moussette C. & Dore F., 2010. Sketching in Hardware and Building Interaction Design: Tools, Toolkits and an Attitude for Interaction Designers, Proceedings of DRS 2010, Design Research Society conference, Montreal (Canada), 5-7 July 2010.

-Internship at Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK), with the Socio-Digital Systems group. April to June 2010.

-Moussette C. & Fallman D., 2009. Designing for Touch: Creating and Building Meaningful Haptic Interfaces, Proceedings of IASDR 2009, International Association of Societies of Design Research conference, Seoul (Korea), 18-22 October 2009.

-Physicality Workshop, HCI2009, Cambridge (UK), September 2009

-Doctoral Consortium, NORDES, Oslo (Norway), August 2009

-Presenter at the Interaction Design Symposium 2009, Split (Croatia)

-Presenter at IXDA Interaction09, Vancouver (Canada)