Keeping Calm:

Supportive Radiotherapy Experiences
for Children with Cancer

10-Week Project

During this project, the 1st-year interaction students had the opportunity to cooperate with 3 of the main radiotherapy clinics in Sweden - Norrlands University Hospital (Umeå), Karolinska Hospital (Stockholm), and Akademiska Children's Hospital (Uppsala).

The aim of the project, Keeping Calm, was for the students to understand the healthcare services provided for children with cancer and their parents, looking specifically at radiation therapy treatment. We want them to learn how the service is currently provided, and from their fieldwork and insights they developed new and scalable concepts of how the treatment experience could be reshaped to more fully support these families, and minimize their anxiety and worry.

The students' concepts look closely at the way treatment services are currently provided, taking into account the needs of the children, their parents, and the staff. Each design focuses on ways to increase the level of understanding about radiation therapy, preparation for treatment, and minimization of anxiety felt during the treatment process for both the child and their parents.

This project was the first part of a larger, three-year research project called Project DUMBO, which is funded by the Barncancerfonden. The concepts developed within this 10-week course will be developed further in a summer design studio held at UID, where they will be turned into designs that will be implemented within each of our three partnering hospitals.

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External tutors:
Ine Marie Vassoy, Service Designer, Designit Oslo

Tara Mullaney

Course responsible:
Niklas Andersson



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Boost - by Karey Helms, Jetti Stykow, Jessica Williams

The boost service comprises of five components that each work together throughout the entire treatment journey. They encourage regular reflection, offer opportunities for both parent and child to refocus, and provide tools to make sharing the experience with others easy. 

Downloads: Report - Blueprint - Final Video


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Carry On
- by Marie Lyhne Damgård, Lorena Leung, Yui Komatsu

Carry On is a service and scalable concept that follow the patient all the way through treatment process from diagnosis to discharge. We reduce the level of anxiety for children undergoing radiotherapy by creating a better experience for the patient and their closest network. Carry on makes every experience unique by understanding creating, collecting and sharing memories throughout the treatment.

Downloads: Report - Blueprint - Final Video 


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- by Victor Woronowicz, Dongzhi Xia, Jacob Cyriac

Kompis provides the child with a companion to help him through his radiotherapy journey. Kompis as a service has three main components, the toy, the movies and the book, all tied together by a central component, which is the story.

Downloads: Report - Blueprint - Video


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Rémi -
by Johan Grönskog, Marie Johansson, Desmond Wong

Rémi - Building the treatment journey, an interactive storyline for children, 3-12 years old with cancer, and their parents. Rémi helps the patient prepare for the treatment by going through the treatment process step by step via an interactive story on an tablet along with a physical token which represents the patient. The storyline is an reanimation of what the child is about to go through in the hospital and the child can customize parts of the treatment and change it from one day to another, so the child can feel prepared, in control and build the treatment journey together with parents and staff. 

Downloads: Report - Blueprint - Video