Minding the People

The future of Neurological rehabilitation


10-week Project + 2 weeks Design Ethnography

During this project, the students had the opportunity to cooperate with Neurorehab Sävar (Västerbottens Läns Landsting - the regional public healthcare provider) and Rehab Station Stockholm (Praktikertjänst AB - a private healthcare company).

The aim of the project, Minding the People, was for the students to understand the care and rehabilitation services provided for persons with neurological disorders. We wanted them to learn how the service currently were provided, and from their fieldwork and insights they developed new and scalable concepts of how neurologic rehabilitation could be envisioned in the future.

These future concepts involved the organization as a whole, the related services it provides, and the internal and external environments of the clinics. Their concepts took into account the needs of the patients, their relatives, and the staff. Special attention was given to ways to increase patient empowerment and active participation in their care and rehabilitation.

The proposals supports and promotes, in different ways, the health and wellbeing of all individuals involved in the service, and provide opportunities for the patients to regain or maintain an active role in society, with a high degree of autonomy and quality of life.

This project was considered as a pilot study that could be used for continued deepening knowledge of the area.

External tutors:
Mattias Löw, Filmmaker, Stockholm
Stina Engström, Service Designer, Transformator AB, Stockholm

Cahtarina Henje, Tara Mullaney, Niklas Andersson

Course responsible:
Chatarina Henje


Action Pack
- by Lynn Bui and Maria Zenkevich
Downloads: Report - Blueprint - Final Video - Research Video


- by Ine Marie Vassøy, Linus Persson and Sharon Williams
Downloads: Report - Blueprint - Final Video - Research Video


Community Hub
Community Hub
- by Clayton Cook, Jess Myra and Miguel Peres
Downloads: Report - Blueprint - Video


Känna - Know thyself
- by Alexis Morin, Carol Tang and Vivian Lo
Downloads: Report - Blueprint - Video