Why UID?

We are different. Set a couple of hours from the Arctic Circle, UID offers a rare blend between the local and the global in a unique Scandinavian setting. Since the school's inception, UID has built its reputation through an equally sharp focus on creativity, practice and people. The collaborative environment, where students feed off each other's creativity in projects partnering with major international companies, has become an engine of innovation recognized across the globe. Awards and rankings, as well as the success of a worldwide network of alumni, tell only part of our story. Find out how you can join the UID family!

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SSC EngArtistic Foundation

  • Application Periods


    BFA in Industrial Design
    January 22nd to March 1st

    MFA in Advanced Product Design
    October 16th to January 17th

    MFA in Interaction Design
    October 16th to January 17th

    MFA in Transportation Design
    October 16th to January 17th



    Artistic Foundation in Design (in Swedish)
    September 15th to October 15th

    Cognitive Design
    September 15th to October 15th

  • Five Programmes, One Family

    Student voices on the UID atmosphere and the climate of collaboration across programmes.