People first

Umeå Institute of Design

Umeå Institute of Design (UID), part of Umeå University, is ranked as one of the top industrial design educations in the world. The school offers a highly competitive, professional and international industrial design education supported by leading research as well as cutting-edge technical facilities. UID provides five academic programmes as well as a one-year course focusing on industrial design:

  • Bachelor Programme in Industrial Design
  • Master's Programme in Advanced Product Design
  • Master's Programme in Interaction Design
  • Master's Programme in Transportation Design
  • PhD Programme in Industrial Design 

All educational programmes, except the bachelor programme, are run completely in English. The school has a diverse student body with representatives from all over the world. Typically, more then 30 nationalities are represented at any given time, creating a unique blend  of creative energy and cross-cultural enrichment.

In all programmes and courses, UID cooperates with external partners. The school successfully works with both the local community and international companies such as Volvo, Spotify, Audi, Google, Microsoft and Philips Healthcare. More than 90% of students obtain employment as professional industrial designers shortly after graduation.

The UID Philosophy

To design is to be in dialogue with the world around us, with the purpose of making a difference. To make things, and to make things happen, we engage with matters and materials; with capacities and contexts, with people and practices; with society, industry and environment.

At Umeå Institute of Design, this engagement is at the core of our philosophy. Our heartfelt passion for being in dialogue with people and with the world, stems from our Scandinavian tradition.

This is why:

• Our design approach puts people first, from design methodology to aesthetics

• We are committed to teamwork and to each individual student's learning process

• We work together to create a social and supportive environment,

Professional design practices have a strong presence in what we do

• Our projects are thoroughly collaborative, with external stakeholders and real issues

• Making things will always be a fundamental way of testing and explaining our ideas.

We are an international Swedish school, founded in 1989 with the aim of giving future designers the best possible start of a life-long professional and personal career.  As design is constantly evolving in response to changes in society and the environment, education and research at the Umeå Institute of Design aims to be at the forefront of addressing the future foundations of industrial design.

We welcome you to join us in shaping our common future.