The shared objective of the courses is to give the student an overall understanding of the computer aided design process. These courses serve the purpose of developing the abilities and conception of the students so that they become more fluent in transforming their ideas to reality.

All the courses utilize the specialized computer labs which are equipped with the most up-to-date software and hardware plus projectors. Tuition is in the form of lecturing and practical training under the supervision of the tutor.

CAD Course focuses on the principles of parametric solid modeling, information about parts and assemblies, data transfer, and creating production drawings from 3D models. This course is a permanent part of the bachelor program. Masters students are also included according to their needs.

CAID 1 Course is both for bachelor and masters education. It covers some basics such as the user interface, geometry creation, rendering, etc. The course aims to give an overview of a CAID software as a base for advanced usage. The topics covered are based on Autodesk AutoStudio (Alias).

CAID2 Course is a continuation of the CAID 1 Course for the masters students. It is a part of the five-point course - "Advanced Computer Aided Modeling and Visualization", . The focus is on creating advanced 3D models both for model-making, production and advanced visualization. Topics about product animation and real-time visualization are also covered.
Autodesk AutoStudio (Alias) is the main software in this course.

This section covers course information about:


Datorvisualisering (CAID)

Solid modeling


Basic level

Advanced level

Solid modeling

How to use the CNC Milling machine, Rapid Prototyping machine and the Microscribe Measuring Arm is also found here.

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