Sara Eriksson

B/W Sara ErikssonStaff Administrator and International Coordinator
Phone: +46 90 786 69 96


I was born in Umeå and have mostly lived here except for a couple of years in Oslo. After finishing school I studied courses at the University in economics and pedagogics. After working for a couple of years I decided to study HR in 2006 so my educational background is primarily in behavioral science. I did my practice within HR at the Municipality in Umeå 2010, then worked there in different departments before I started at UID in 2012.

What I do at UID

As Staff Administrator I support the UID leadership with all kinds of issues regarding staff. Examples are working with the recruitment process and work environment issues, planning of staff activities and booking travels for incoming teachers. I'm also one of the contact persons at UID regarding matters relating to student, teacher and staff mobility.