Momentum Event Bachelor Advanced Product Interaction Transport

The master’s programme in transportation design

The image of transportation and automotive design has been and still is to some extent about shiny, glamorous cars. It stirs a passion in many but not all.

Unfortunately, we all are too aware of the environmental problems that are growing daily. Is industry changing? Well yes, but very slowly. That doesn’t mean that the new generation of young student designers can’t propose or promote the future lifestyle, including a vision on mobility for the years ahead of us.

Vehicles are an integral part of society and it’s time they evolved. Technology is advancing and students can take the opportunity to include those ideas in their concepts. They have the freedom to express ideas that industry will not, due to profit and process.

In the Transportation MA course, focus is on the balance of form and function with the user at the centre of the creative process.

Students are encouraged to look beyond tomorrow and into the future and to solve mobility problems in the daily lifecycle. Automotive companies have designers working on the next 10-15 years so they don’t need more of the same.

This year the transportation degree students have been provoking in some ways.

A supercar with family values, a 4 seater electric Lamborghini, a Mazda Flora vehicle pushing boundaries, a future Scania truck interior, an electric amphibious vehicle, a vehicle for the future silver generation, and a Scion MBox.

There are seven different design concepts on exhibit this year.

This is their beginning.








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