Momentum Event Bachelor Advanced Product Interaction Transport

The master’s programme in interaction design

The convergence of computing, communications and media has given rise to products and services that range from mobile telephones to interactive systems, where new skills and practices are required from designers. A major challenge is not just to understand this convergence, but to visualize the consequences as new products, services and environments and to place them in realistic and usable contexts. These new demands have inspired us to develop our Interaction Design Programme, evolve new methods and initiate design research.

The program is the only one in the Nordic countries grounded in Industrial Design. Courses are given in a range of subjects including HCI, Graphic Design, Design Ethnography, Interaction Sketching and Experience Prototyping. The emphasis is on human needs rather than technological capability. The program is based on the long Scandinavian tradition of user-centred research, exploring the relationship between people and technology. Actively involving users in design projects is a central feature of our approach.

The program is project-based. Project work is carried out together with industry partners or research institutions.

This year’s examination projects are being done in collaboration with Nokia Design, Microsoft Research (Redmond), Ericsson Research & Interaction Lab and the Umeå Municipality.

The different project proposals have been initiated and formulated by each student in cooperation with the company. A near-future technological perspective is usually adopted.

This offers the possibility for the students to explore converging technologies, emerging user behaviour and innovative market scenarios which can be inspiring for both the students and company.







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