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The bachelor’s programme in industrial design

Industrial Design can be used to realize visions. Industrial design in the Umeå Industrial Design Programme teaches students to realize visions with a userfriendly, creative, holistic and artistic approach in collaboration with industry.

Today there is an increasing need for new solutions to old problems. For example, there is a need for ideas and innovative ways of thinking in the development of products and services for a sustainable way of living in society.

Problem solving is not enough. At the Industrial Design Programme we aim to graduate students who can plan and apply a creative design process and independently employ professional Industrial Design techniques. To realize visions, students have to improve their skills to create valid concepts, give shape and color to a product and with an investigative holistic method, including considerations for life-cycle, material and production, produce social and ecologically sustainable solutions.

We place a great emphasis on improving the student’s collaborative work processes. Therefore, we use the project as a pedagogical tool where students work together with different competencies, collaborative companies and experts in different areas. Every term all student groups in the program work individually on a project together with a collaborating partner. Some examples of participating companies are Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Fagherhult and Composite Scandinavia. In every project we use experienced professional designers as tutors.

We are aiming to create an attractive and inspiring educational, high-level platform for a future profession as Industrial Designers. Therefore, we have a “red thread” running through the education; from the program application to the final degree criteria. All students who pass the degree examination have reached a high level of knowledge, competence and skills as bachelor students.










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