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The master’s programme in advanced product design

The industrial designer’s role as coordinator of the problem solving process is gaining increasing importance as innovation and new technologies become more significant in the design process.

The increasing complexities and demands for multi-disciplinary teamwork in the product development process demand a more holistic approach, which is one of the modern industrial designer’s greatest attributes and the basis for the Advanced Product Design program here in Umeå.

The program involves the design of many types of products and focuses on the advanced treatment of design, user studies, problem identification and analysis, new materials and technologies, advanced presentation methods, strategic design, industrial organization and consulting techniques, and above all, an emphasis on innovation and new thinking.

Most projects concern problems that the students identify themselves, problems that have not already been solved countless times by others. This implies less emphasis on trendy, fashionable consumer products and more on professional products for qualified users.

This year’s degree students have worked in product areas such as the medico-technical industry, design for the disabled, public services and equipment and several product solutions addressing special consumer needs.

These projects have been carried out with a variety of companies or in some cases with a public service unit or local authorities.






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