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Six months into the MFA Programme in Interaction Design, Carolyn Wegner has immersed herself in Swedish nature and culture alike. Follow her journey at UID, and beyond, on her blog.

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February 2018

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area in California, Carolyn is now fulfilling her childhood dream of one day living in Sweden. Here, she talks about her special relationship to Sweden and what made her switch from Berkeley to Umeå Institute of Design.

What brought you to UID and Sweden?

I came to Sweden several times as a child and young teen, and fell in love with the country. I always knew I wanted to live here at some point! I came to the Umeå Institute of Design  because of my desire to study Interaction Design. The school is world-renowned, with excellent professors and opportunities, and a progressive reputation.  

What are your first impression of the school?

My first impression of the school was that it was an incredibly supportive and inspiring group of students and professors. We are a diverse class, and the crossroads of all these cultures makes UID quite a special place. I also was impressed that the school has excellent resources for their students, and of course a beautiful campus on the Ume River front! 

You seem to have a special relationship to Sweden. How come?

As mentioned earlier, I grew up coming to Sweden. As a child I did Scandinavian folk dancing and fiddling, and during the summer I would travel here with my parents to the Dalarna Region for midsummer festivals. I have wonderful memories of the midnight sun! This gave me a long lasting connection to Sweden.

What would you say to other students considering coming to Umeå?

Don't hesitate to apply! Umeå Institute of Design is an incredible place to learn and grow, no matter your background. The city of Umeå has so much to offer culturally as well, and nature is always out your back door when you need it. 

As your blog tells us, you have fully immersed yourself in the nature of Northern Sweden. What's your your favourite moment so far?

Yes, I have been lucky enough to get outside and explore what Northern Sweden has to offer! I would narrow my favorite experiences to hiking on Marsfjället Mountain and dog sledding in Granö. Both were easy day trips from Umeå, which is one of the wonderful things about the University's location. There are so many incredible outdoor activities and national parks in close proximity, which make weekend adventures possible. This weekend I even was able to drive to Junkerdal National Park in Norway!