Conceptualization of
contemporary design doing

Monica Lindh-Karlsson

Conceptualization of Contemporary Design Doing (PhD Project)

Design is argued to be multi-disciplinary and the designer takes part in that process both as a designer and often as a coordinator. While this historically has an origin in the twentieth century, the society has changed and we live in a globalized world and are now even more concerned with sustainability.  I am curious about what doing design together might be in this context and about its artistic foundation. My research topic is Conceptualizing Contemporary Design Doing. The project has a practiced-based research approach and I have conducted a series of multi-disciplinary project courses at UID to explore kinds of doing design together. At the moment I am concerned about what kind of implications design doing has.

My research is focused on exploring and investigating collaborative design, with the aim to suggest alternative interpretation of the concept design doing. I pay particular attention to design collaboration situated in a visual and tactile design context. I am currently working on analysing research material from my research study with real-life experiments - Hot teams. In Hot team design students collaborate in interdisciplinary teams and co-design, create and explore collaborative design work, while they carried out design projects.

My advisors are Johan Redström (Umeå institute of design, Umeå university) and Anna Valtonen (Umeå institute of design, Umeå university/Aalto University, Helsinki).

Areas of interest

interdisciplinary teams, co-design,  collaborative design work

Monica process


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