Research projects

We use different kinds of projects to advance existing design practice as well as its future forms, typically through collaboration with industrial and academic partners. Our projects range from basic research to the applied, and are all significant research efforts often taking years to complete.

Collected here are links to all current projects, as well as to previous ones. To get a quick overview of the different kinds of projects we do, consider taking a look at the following as illustrations.


Research Projects

Johan Redström  & Heather Wiltse: Things That Change

Johan Redström:  Prototyping practices

Åsa Ståhl & Kristina Lindström: Hybrid Matters


PhD Projects


PhLic projects

Morteza Abdipour: Designing smart environment

  • Previous PhD projects

    Søren Rosenbak
    The science of imagining solutions: design becoming conscious of itself through design (2019) more»

    Christoffel Kuenen
    The Aesthetics of Being Together (2018)  more»

    Rouien Zarin
    Faster. Stronger. Better? Designing for Enhanced Engagement of Extreme Sports (2017) more»

    Lorenzo Davoli
    Presence and participation in the transformation of industrial infrastructures (2016) more»

    Tara Mullaney
    Thinking beyond the Cure: Experience Design and Healthcare (2016) more»

    Guido Hermans
    Opening Up Design: Engaging the Layperson in the Design of Everyday Products
    (2015) more»

    Camille Moussette
    Simple Haptics: Sketching Perspectives for the Design of Haptic Interactions (2012)  more»