UID Research Seminar Archive

UID's Research Seminar takes place every second Tuesday at 13 (to 15) in the research studio. This is the archive of previous years' seminars.


Seminars Autumn 2013

September 24: Heather Wiltse on "Unpacking Digital Material Mediation".

October 17: PhD Festival

October 22: Johan Redström on "Pictures and Poetic Precision". 

November 5: Søren Rosenbak on "Surplus Debt".

November 19: Guido Hermans on "Wordpress of Objects" and Tara Mullaney on "What the %*¤& is my Methodology?" (Note: extended seminar 13-16!)

November 27: Peter Gall Krogh (Aarhus School of Architecture) on "The Aarhus Way of Design Research". (Note: irregular day and date, Wednesday at 13-15!)

December 3-5: Designfakulteten Internat No. 29. More information.

December 10: Johan Redström on "Designing Design Directions". 



Previous Seminars

Spring 2013

February 19: Stoffel Kuenen. Topic: re-visiting TEI 2013

March 5: Turkka Keinonen, visiting professor. Topic: discuss draft paper "Usability as a Capability - Notes on the Compatibility of Capability Approach and ISO 9241 Usability"

March 12: Tara Mullaney. Workshop on intuitive visualizations for self-positioning with Kinect.

March 19: Lorenzo Davoli: Workshop on 'Co-design in the context of infrastructures'.


Autumn 2012

September 4: Timo Rossi, visiting PhD student

September 11: DRS Research Symposium

September 25: Monica Lindh-Karlsson, "Prototyping design process in collaboration projects" (paper draft)

October 2: Ute Walter, Head of unit at Umeå University School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts presents current and upcoming research. (Note the location: "old" research seminar room)

October 9: Maria Göransdotter, "Home and taste: Starting points and perspectives" (thesis chapter)

October 16: 

October 24 (Note: Wednesday!): UID PhD Festival, at 9-16 in the auditorium.

October 30: Camille Moussette, Simple Haptics. Public defence of Doctoral Dissertation, UID Auditorium 9.00.

November 6: Parag Deshpande

November 13: Stoffel Kuenen

November 20: Lorenzo Davoli

November 27: Cancelled

December 4: No seminar (Research methodology PhD course)

December 11: Tara Mullaney


Spring 2012

April 3rd: Johan Redström, "Program-experiment dialectics in practice-based design research"

April 10th: Parag Deshpande, "On the structure of the design process: problem focused vs solution focused design"

April 17th: Ambra Trotto, Interactive Institute

April 24th: Canan Akoglu, "The Relationship between Industrial Design and Interaction Design in Product Development Activities"

(May 1st: holiday)

May 8th: Harold Nelson

May 16th: Tara Mullaney

May 22nd: Jonas Löwgren, "Intermediate-level knowledge in interaction design research" (Note: Camille Mousette will have his PhD pre-seminar at 9-12, with Jonas Löwgren as opponent.)

May 29th: Gareth Paterson,

(June 5th: no seminar, UID Design Talks)

June 12th: Erik Stolterman,