PhD projects

Ongoing and previous projects within the Research education at Umeå Institute of Design.


PhD Projects

Aditya Pawar: Design for Social Innovation

Daniela Rothkegel: Enabling Understanding in System-Design Inquiries

Maria GöransdotterA Taste for Modern Life

Monica Lindh Karlsson: Conceptualization of Contemporary Design Doing

Rouien Zarin: Designing for Dynamic Movement

Stoffel Kuenen: Making sense of human social potential

Søren Rosenbak: Prototyping a pataphysically infused critical design practice


Licenciate projects

Morteza Abdipour: Designing smart environment

  • Previous PhD projects

    Lorenzo Davoli
    Presence and participation in the transformation of industrial infrastructures (2016) more»

    Tara Mullaney
    Thinking beyond the Cure: Experience Design and Healthcare (2016) more»

    Guido Hermans
    Opening Up Design: Engaging the Layperson in the Design of Everyday Products
    (2015) more»

    Camille Moussette
    Simple Haptics: Sketching Perspectives for the Design of Haptic Interactions (2012)  more»

    Rouien Zarin
    Faster. Stronger. Better? Designing for Enhanced Engagement of Extreme Sports (2017)  more»