Democratic sneaker design and ultrasonic car communications at UID19


Get a sneak peek of the future when design students from all over the world show off their graduation projects in the shape of products, services and systems.

This year's degree show at UID  offers a series of innovations ranging from sea rescue, footwear, apps, robots in hospitals to flying cars.

What if cars could warn their surroundings through pulsating pressure waves? Could the modern supermarket become environmentally sustainable through interactive customer profiles? Imagine a future where hearing-impaired and the hearing could communicate through a simple app. Can the sneaker culture be a gateway to creative professions in socially disadvantaged areas? On 4-5 June 2019, graduating students at the Umeå Institute of Design will present their degree projects at the annual Design Talks & Degree Show, UID19.

Thomas Olofsson is head of department at the Umeå Institute of Design. According to him, this year's students have chosen a strong user perspective, innovative methods and an complete experience for the target audience and user.

"These students are displaying an interesting breadth encompassing many of the contemporary challenges when it comes to design. This year, we can display things like a starter pack for the design of sneakers, equipment for extensive rescue missions at sea, apps for education, robots in hospitals and naturally also transportation and vehicle solutions."

At UID19, the students will perform an oral presentation of their degree projects using 3D models and digital visualisations. Many of the 44 projects use a digital starting point, often with the objective of making technology more human. Other projects have bearing on healthcare or sustainability.

"It's amazing to see the incredible development that our students make from the day they join Umeå Institute of Design until the day they graduate. Design processes are complex and students have worked intensely and with determination on their projects. The secret behind the success of the school is in strong connection with how closely and intensely students collaborate, not only within, but also between programmes. The school has a proud tradition of delivering fully fledged designers onto the job market, and I'm confident that these students are now ready to take on new challenges," says Thomas Olofsson.

The global attraction to the Umeå Institute of Design has led to a highly international group of students, the graduating students alone represent 13 nationalities, and also to close collaborations with multinational corporations such as Microsoft, Google, Samsung, BMW and Volvo. Every year, these companies send representatives to the graduation event to follow up student collaborations, to view demonstrations and portfolios, and to recruit the next generation of industrial designers.


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