Study year

The study year at Umeå University starts in late August or early September each year. Autumn term stretches into mid-January, and the spring term ends in the first week of June.Term dates, student sports days and Swedish national holidays are found here.


During national holidays ("red days"), there is no scheduled education. Often, the day before a national holiday can be scheduled as half a day only, due to that staff often have a work hour shortening on such days. Please check your schedule!

Please also note that on national holidays, many shops, banks etc. are closed, and public transportation follows a different scheduling than on normal weekdays.

Winter break: Education can be scheduled until a few days before Christmas. Check in good time with your programme director to know when it is OK to leave before Winter break, and when you need to return. Some courses have scheduled teaching already during week 1.

Student sports days

Once a term, the University arranges Student sports days, during which education should not be scheduled (unless it cannot be avoided).

Student Sports Day, autumn: Wednesday, the 3rd week of autumn term
Student Sports Day, spring: Tuesday, on Shrove Tuesday (Fettisdag)


Dates for study year 2017/2018

Autumn term (week 35-02): starts 28 August 2017, ends 14 January 2018
Spring term (week 3-22): starts 15 January 2018, ends 3 June 2018

Student Sports Day, autumn: September 13, 2017
Student Sports Day, spring: February 13, 2018 (also Fettisdag/Shrove Tuesday)

Dates for study year 2018/2019

Autumn term (week 36-03): starts 3 September 2018, ends 20 January 2019
Spring term (week 04-23): starts 21 January 2019, ends 9 June 2019

Student Sports Day, autumn: September 19, 2018
Student Sports Day, spring: March 5, 2019 (also Fettisdag/Shrove Tuesday)