Program Council, basic and advanced level

The Program council is a preparatory and advisory body that handles matters regarding educational issues at Umeå Institute of Design, such as course syllabi, program curricula, and degree descriptors. The Program council shall actively discuss quality work and different issues of development and strategy relating to the educations.

The program council meets as a whole once a term, and in separate work group meetings for basic level (SSC, IDI and BFA) and advanced level (APD, IxD, TD) one more time per term.

Members of the Council:

Linda Bogren, Director of studies (chair)
Birgitta Sundberg, Secretary, Coordinator for education
Johan Redström, Rector and professor
Per Sihlén, Programme director BFA (2016-19)
Catharina Henje, Course responsible IDI (2016-19)
Vacant, Director of Single subject courses (2016-19)
Thomas Degn, Programme director APD (2016-19)
Stoffel Kuenen, Acting programme director IxD (2016-19)
Demian Horst, Programme director TD (2016-19)
Lea Bachmann, Student representative BFA3 (2016-17)
Berzah Can, Student representative  BFA1 (2016-17)
Sydney Eilbacher or Franziska Ungewiss, Student representative IDI (2016-17)
Kristjan Juks or Melissa Mahmutovic, student representative APD (2016-17)
Maximilian Herr or Mehek Sharma, student representative IxD (2016-17)
Ludwig Östman or Lingxi Yuan, student representative TD (2016-17)
Vacant, External member (2016-19)
Vacant, External member (2016-19)

Information from Umeå University:

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Legal Framework


Minutes spring 2016

April 27
June 20


Planned meetings fall 2016

September 28
November 23
December 21

Planned meetings spring 2017

February 15
March 29
May 17

The Programme council replaces the former Education council.