Experience Prototyping 2011

Social Dynamics

5-Week Project, Fall Term

The goal of the Experience Prototyping course at UID is to learn and hone the students' technical and technological skills as tools to develop interactive designs. Focus is placed upon how you make things and the tools you use, and less up on what you make.

The overall theme for this semesters' edition of Experience Prototyping was Social Dynamics - focusing upon designing for interactions between groups of people, natural interactions but also mediated by and influenced by what we design, particularly embodied in devices and/or spaces.

The whole of the course is set as an exploratory phase in a design project in which we aim to develop a handheld device for visitors of a conference that enables crowd interactions with the speakers, the organizers and simply for the visitors.

Week 1: design sketching for experience
Week 2: Sketching Haptics
Week 3: Mobile Hacking
Week 4: Experimental Image Making
Week 5: Bare Metal Code

In addition to developing a mastery of different tools, the students are required to docuement and reflect on their own design activities. Each student has to produce a weekly video report exposing their thoughts and perspective on their work.

More info and details on the  course wiki.

External tutors:
Joep Frens and Martijn van de Wiel
Camille Moussette
Adam Meyer and  David Sjunnesson
Matt Cottam
Daniel Saakes and  Stoffel Kuenen

Course responsible: 
Christoffel Kuenen