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MFA in Advanced Product Design

Masters programme, 120 ECTS-credits

As innovation and new technologies become more significant in the design process, the industrial designer's role as coordinator of the problem solving process is becoming more important. The increasing complexities and demands for multi-disciplinary teamwork in the product development process demand a more holistic approach, which is one of the modern industrial designers' greatest attributes, and the basis for the Advanced Product Design Programme.

The Advanced Product Design Programme

The Advanced Product Design Programme is a solution-driven education that focuses on the advanced treatment of design - using user studies, problem identification and analysis, new technologies and materials, and above all an emphasis on innovative and new thinking - to find the best possible solution for a given problem or identified design opportunity.

The philosophy of the program is to combine the knowledge and insights of today's hard-core product design with the possibilities that arise when applying both the physical and digital technology of tomorrow, induced with an universal approach and respect for human and nature that characterize the Scandinavian design tradition. With this as a starting point, the next generation of industrial designers have all the possibilities at hand to build new knowledge and to broaden the scope of product related functionality and experiences.

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Thomas Degn BW

Thomas Degn
Programme Director
Associate Professor (Universitetslektor i industridesign)


Why study Advanced Product Design at Umeå?

By Pete Avondoglio, Professor Emeritus






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  • Facts & Figures

    13 nationalities. The programme currently has students from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, China, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and Turkey.

  • Recent internships

    ABOVE, Sweden. BMW Designworks, Germany. Bosch, Germany. Designit, Denmark. Frog, Italy. Google, USA. HUGE, USA. IDEO, USA. Laerdal Medical, Norway. Logitech, Switzerland. Mercedes-Benz Style, Germany. NOVO Nordisk, Denmark. Minimal, USA.  NVGTR, Germany. Philips, The Netherlands. Propeller, Sweden. Phoenix Design, Shanghai Scania, Sweden. Swift Creatives, Denmark. Veryday, Sweden.  Whipsaw, USA.

  • Online application

    October 16 - January 15
    Application period for 
    MFA programmes and one-year course Industrial Design Intensive