Incoming exchange students

Are you considering exhange studies at UID?

To come to UID as an exchange student your home university must have signed a formal exchange agreement with Umeå University. Contact the international coordinator at your home university to get help finding out if such an agreement exists, and if you can be nominated as an exchange student.

How to be nominated

The coordinator at your home university has to nominate you for exchange studies at Umeå University by filling out an online form (the link to the form is sent by e-mail to your coordinator).

Nomination deadline: April 3 (exchange at UID fall 2018)

How to apply

Once your home university has submitted the nomination you will receive application instructions and a link to the web page where you apply for courses available. Note that you can apply for more than one course, as long as you rank the courses. Important is that you - in addition to applying at the web page - send your digital portfolio/home assignment and motivational letter to the international coordinator at UID.

Application deadline: April 16 (exchange at UID fall 2018)

Selection of exchange students

To be able to be considered as an exchange student at Umeå Institute of Design (UID) you have to fulfil the pre-requisites for the programme/course you want to do your exchange at. If they are fulfilled, the selection of students will be based on the quality and relevance of the portfolio. The programme directors will do the selection based on the criteria, and send the result to the admissions office at Umeå University, who will notify the students if they are accepted or not. 

Course packages fall 2018

During fall 2018 students can apply for the following course packages at UID:

Course package: Industrial Design, Bachelor term 3
Basic level, BFA programme year 2

Course package: Industrial Design, Bachelor term 5
Basic level, BFA programme year 3

Course package: Industrial Design, Intensive
basic level, single subject course

Industrial Design, Advanced Product
Advanced level

Industrial Design, Interaction
Advanced level

Industrial Design, Transportation
Advanced level


Practical information

Partner institution information fall 2018

Portfolio requirements/ work sample requirements 

Home assignment (IDI)


  • UID facts and figures

    Founding year: 1989

    This study year
    Full-time students: 137
    PhD students: 8
    Short course students: 220

    Total number of staff: 44
    Number of teaching staff: 31

    Bachelor programme: 1
    Master programmes: 3
    PhD programme: 1
    One-year course: 1
    Short courses: 9

    Full time students
    Nationalities represented: 27
    Swedish students: 64 (47%)
    EU/EES students: 49 (36%)
    Non-EU students: 24 (28%)

    Male students: 85 (62%)
    Female students: 52 (38%)

    Incoming exchange stud.: 11
    Outgoing exchange stud.: 2

    On internship/study break: 30