Designers Realising Kids Ideas for a World Without Connectivity


Umeå Institute of Design, UID, has just completed a collaboration project with Kulturverket and Hällsbo School. The short activity was part of Kulturverket's long running project "Kids Tell Pros What To Do", in which selected children from schools in Umeå get their creative ideas reinterpreted by professional in different fields. 

This year a class of twelve kids from Hällsbo School, specialised in children with difficulties to communicate, was tasked with the challenge to create message-carrying vehicles for a hypothetical context in which all other means of communication would be out of order. 

The 10-year-old kids drew, modelled and described their vehicle creations and this material was then distributed among twelve international master students attending the Transportation Design programme at UID.

As part of their Storytelling in Design course, each master student was asked to create a short narrative inspired by one of the vehicles. Fundamentals of storytelling theory were applied and each narrative was then visualised in the form of storyboards. The last step of the assignment was to choose a key moment of the story and visualise it by including key elements like characters, environment, and naturally - the advanced vehicles needed to carry out quite special communication tasks. 


On April 24 09.00-10.00 the children from Hällsbo School visited Umeå Institute of Design to see the result of the exercise and met the students who worked in the creative assignment.

"It was quite an emotional moment", says programme director Demian Horst, responsible for the course. "Our students were really looking forward to this activity, had an enjoyable time working on the assignments and the results express how engaging the pedagogical format really is. Judging from the kids reactions I would risk saying they enjoyed the outcome as much as we did".

For more information, please contact:

Demian Horst, programme director, Master's programme in transportation design, Umeå Institute of Design
Phone: +46907869782

Anna Parry, Kulturverket
Phone: +46706779809