UID students receive 16 awards at Core77 Design Awards

The Commercial Equipment category was won for the fourth time


Students from the two Master programmes of Advanced Product Design (APD) and Interaction Design (IxD) at Umeå Institute of Design, received a total of 16 awards in five different categories in the 2016 edition of the Core77 Design Awards

The types of acknowledgement and the categories they were received in were: one Winner, five Runner up and ten Notable, in the categories of Commercial Equipment, Interaction, Consumer Product, Transportation and Speculative Concept.

 Core 77 winner

A landslide victory took place in the Commercial Equipment category were UID received 9 out of the all together 12 students awards. This included the honour of winning the category which Thibault Moussanet (APD) did with his project Airscape. The goal with the Airscape concept was to create a new archetype of an emergency breathing apparatus that would be both quicker to use than existing solutions and so intuitive that no previous training would be required.

The jury's comments to the concept were: "Within one or two seconds you can pull it over your head and breathe clean air. It's so simple. (...) The good process thinking and ergonomics could save your life in a life and death situation. (…) Simple, yet iconic. You can find it and attach it very easily and very fast in case of an emergency. It's simply well done."
The concept was developed during Thibault's second term at the APD programme in the term project Future Safety Solutions for Oil and Gas Workers

This was the third consecutive year that a contribution from UID won this category and the fourth time overall since the start of Core77 Design Awards in 2011.


The five Runner Up (R) projects were acknowledged in the four following categories:

Commercial Equipment: Verify by James Skeggs (APD) and Ember by Jon Sommarström (APD).

Interaction: ISA10, Epinephrine auto-injector by Joanna Pruchnicka, Piotr Kuklo, Yue Yuan (IxD) and Jenny Holmsten (APD).

Consumer Product: Aeo by Anna-Maria Schneider (APD).

Speculative Concept: Bots - Collaborative AI for the Smart Home by Kevin Gaunt (IxD).


The ten Notable (N) projects were acknowledged in the three following categories:
Commercial Equipment: EVERSAFE by Darja Wendel and Jost Siebert (APD). EZ Care Urinary Catheter by Zihao Wang (APD). ). OX-1 by William van Beek (APD). Spinetec by Alexander Turesson (APD) and Adrinject and Adripod by Marc Saboya Feliu (APD). Ploppi's Bakery by Lene Rydningen, Hector Mejia (IxD), Rik Oudenhoven, Daan Hekking (APD).

Interaction: Ploppi's Bakery  by Lene Rydningen, Hector Mejia (IxD) and Rik Oudenhoven, Daan Hekking (APD). Pontus by Benjamin Lee, Melissa Hellmund Vega, Siddharth Hirwani and Anders Sandström (APD). Edge by André Kennedy, Christopher Zobl (IxD) and Franziska Heuck, Alieen Kassing (APD).

Transportation: AM30 by Jakob Dawod

 core 77 runners up