Award winning sound design by UID students

ANNA, a design concept that was created during the Industrial Sound Design course last study year, in collaboration between the Advanced Product Design (APD) programme and the Interaction Design (IxD) programme, received two prestigious awards at this year's IxDA ceremony. The concept won the 'Best in Category' in the Engaging category and was also acknowledged as 'Best Student'.


ANNA is a concept for a breathing assistant for children, helping them through the scary process of sedation before surgery. The device combines light and sound into a fascinating game. The concept was developed by Trieuvy Luu (The Netherlands) and Lars Sundelin (Sweden) from the masters programme in Interaction Design, and Janis Beinerts (Latvia) and Sebastian Aumer (Germany) from the masters programme in Advanced Product Design. All four students are presently doing internships around the world and are expected to resume their studies in Umeå in the fall. This is the third time the ANNA concept is acknowledged internationally, last summer the concept won the prestigious Core77 Interaction category  and during the autumn it also won a Red Dot Design Concept award .


"This project is an example of a fantastic result from our intense sound design course where students from Interaction Design and Advanced Product Design get together and starts to explore and create from the same inspirational 'jumping-off point' - sound" Thomas Degn, senior lecturer and programme director for the Advanced Product Design programme says "and it seems like it´s a good strategy combining these two disciplines, since it´s the second time a result from this short course wins multiple awards at IxDA. Back in 2013 the 100 BPM concept won three IxDA awards in one go"

The ANNA concept was developed during a two-week course in sound design that is part of the curriculum for the two master programs. This creative form course includes experiments and shorter exercises designed to investigate the
topics of sound, imagery, action and form and the interaction between these. The course ends with a conceptual project assignment in which students explore and design a product of their own choice with coherent form- and sound language.

"Looking back at the process, it is unbelievable how much we can do in just ten days with a multi-disciplinary team", says Trieuvy Luu, one of the students behind the concept. "I liked the pace of the project, because you are really forced on quick decisions and you don´t waste time", agrees Sebastian Aumer and continues: "It will be really great to see the outcome of collaborations when people come back from their internships!"

Visit the IxDA website to read more and to see a video demonstrating ANNA