Wednesday lectures

Autumn term 2017

 UID WL 170830 Genusfotografen

Gender Stereostypes in Media, Photo & Design - by Tomas Gunnarsson

Where: Project Studio, UID

When: August 30th / 13.00-14.30

Tomas Gunnarsson, also known as the 'Gender Photographer', will talk about how images, media and design that we come upon in our everyday life contain messages about gender. They relate to our ideas about women and men being different, sometimes informing opinions on how a "real" woman or man should be or act, as well as what and who is "normal" in our society. These messages often limit not only our imagination about who we can be but also the freedom to act and shape our own lives. 


Autumn term 2016

 WL 161207 Environmentally Smart Materials Choices

December 7 at 14.30 in the Green Room:
Environmentally smart materials choices
- a lecture and workshop to help you put forward
smart arguments on sustainability

Björn Florman, founder of Materialbiblioteket.

Topics covered:
• Do environmentally materials really exist?
• Making a simple life cycle analysis in your head
• What does melting points mean?
• The history of plastics and what they are made of
• Bioplastics - what are the and are they any good?

Informal group task, presentation and discussion.
Total time: three hours.
 WL 161123 Post Industrial Design

November 23 at 15.00 in the Green Room:
Post industrial design responseabilities
Aditya Pawar, Heather Wiltse & Monica Lindh-Karlsson

Design is being called on to frame and address the societal problems that face us and shape our lives in more responsible, meaningful, and open ways. This means addressing complex, large-scale challenges from climate change to dwindling planetary resources. During this hands-on workshop we will re-think our design practices and question what we need to be able to respond to these challenges.

WL 161026 Uidatmicrosoft

October 26 at 14.00 in the Green Room:
UID @ Microsoft
André Kennedy (IxD2) & Catharina Henje

During this summer vacation a team of five UIDers went to Seattle for the Microsoft
expo to give a keynote. This was to be the finali of a nearly five month long adventure in
co-ordination with Microsoft. What did they  see, what did they experience and what did
they learn?

WL 161012 Hultafors

October 12 at 14.00 in the Green Room:
Reliable tools rely on design
Per Eriksson & Nikita Golovlev, Hultafors

A hammer is not for driving nails. A folding ruler is not for measuring length. And a chisel is not for making beautiful dovetail joints. Forget what you think you know about grandpa's rusty tools, because pro's work differently. Find out how a 130 year old company is staying profitable and relevant by relying on user research, quality engineering, and good design. 

WL 160928

September 28 at 13.00 in the Project Studio:
Prototyping Design Research Tools
Aditya Pawar & Søren Rosenbak, UID

The key proposition is that we as designers need to practice inventive-tool-making as part of the research process itself. This workshop invites participants to proactively prototype new design research tools and manuals for their use. The workshop will be hands-on and needless to say a lot of fun! All are welcome.

Welcome Screen Eames Demetrios

August 31 at 13.15 in the Auditorium:
Design vs Style and other Eames Philosophies
Eames Demetrios, Eames Foundation

Eames Demetrios, writer, artist, Geographer-at-Large and Director of the Eames Office. He is the author of the book An Eames Primer, the first thematic biography of the Eameses and also worked closely with the Barbican Gallery on the Eames Exhibition at the Bildmuseet.  He will be talking about Design vs Style and other Eames Philosophies

Spring term 2016 

15-PrototypeApril 13 at 15:00 in the Auditorium:
Seeing what your prototype is seeing
Pepijn Verburg, University of Technology of Eindhoven

Understanding how your prototype perceives the world is crucial for implementing the desired behaviour. However, sensory data becomes harder to interpret with the increase in complexity and interactivity. This talk will discuss novel ways of embodying what your prototype is seeing.

10-FoodCityMarch 9 at 15:00 in the Auditorium:
Food City
Kaitlin Kazmierowski, food policy planner
We all eat. Designing our cities with this in mind can lead to unique public spaces, a resilient urban ecology and a means for empowering our most vulnerable. Canadian urban planner, Kaitlin Kazmierowski, will showcase examples of food friendly design at a range of scales while discussing exciting projects taking root here in Umeå.

6-InternshipExperiencesFebruary 10 at 13:00 in the auditorium:
Internship Experiences
UID students
Maja Hedlund and Joakim Bergbom share their intership experiences; Atlas Copco, Cognience, Fjord and Vanmoof.

January 27
 at 15:00 in the auditorium:
Doing time
Chris Gruijters, To design from

Taking designing with empathy to a whole new level, Chris will talk about his experience in designing for prison, from prison...

Fall term 2015 

January 20
 at 13:00 in the Blue room:
Nuclear antropocene
Ele Carpenter, Goldsmiths University

Ele Carpenter will introduce her curatorial research into contemporary nuclear culture and its impact on the Anthropocene. She will discuss the cultural implications of geologic repositories for radioactive waste, and how artists and designers are engaging with these ideas and future challenges. Ele Carpenter is an Associate Curator with Arts Catslyst and Bildmuseet. She is curator of the 'Perpetual Uncertainty' opening at Bildmuseet in November, and editor of the forthcoming Nuclear Culture Source Book. Ele also convenes the Nuclear Culture Research Group at Goldsmiths College where she is Senior Lecturer in MFA Curating. 


January 13 at 15:00 in the Auditorium:
Make a difference
Samy Sadek, Herts Air Ambulance

Dr. Sam Sadek will talk about his team's innovative life saving ideas and how you can help make a difference.


December 16 at 13:00 in the Auditorium:
Design and the sleight of hand
Lecture with Kevin Cannon from Frog Design
Exploring the psychology behind magic and how it applies to design.


December 9 at 13:00 in the Auditorium:
Short circuits
Lecture with Greiner-Petter Moritz

Media reflexivity can be seen as a designerly-artistic strategy and a form of inquiry towards media of various kinds, be it film, interfaces, books, or furniture. It aims at revealing the latent formats, substrates and conventions of media objects through the very workings of the media itself. In its recursive and self-referential manner it shifts between irony and serious inquiry. With a range of examples from art and design the lecture tries to explore the concept and discuss its productivity.


December 2 at 15:00 in the Auditorium:
The role of the designer ina  world eaten by software
Lecture with David Sjunesson from IDEO


November 25 in the Auditorium:
What I wish I had known when graduating
Lecture with Jack Godfrey Wood and Markus Quarta from Native


November 18 at 15:00 in the Auditorium:
Managing stress


November 4 at 15:00 in the Auditorium:
Lecture with Random Bastards

Erik Hörstedt and Samuel Isaksson from creative collective Random Bastards talk about branding through creative design, the importance of understanding and being a part of your target audience and how to make ends meet with limited resources.


October 28 at 15:00 in the Auditorium:
Responsive design
Lecture with Peter Mandahl aims to develop a shared language and independent global community that promotes and enables a fundamental shift in our way of working and organizing. We aspire to act as the central hub for Responsive thinkers and practitioners.


October 14 at 14:00 in the Auditorium:
The Use and Abuse of Vegetational Concepts
Lecture/Film Screening with Lorenzo Davoli

Part 2 of the BBC Documentary series All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace by filmmaker Adam Curtis. The series argues that computers have failed to liberate humanity and instead have "distorted and simplified our view of the world around us". Lorenzo Davoli will introduce this documentary and put it into context of Design in the post-industrial age.


September 30 at 15:00 in the Auditorium:
Design at Android: People... ...And phones, and cars
Lecture with  Paulo Coelho & Jorge Furuya from Android Design

Android is the most widely used mobile OS around the world. We build a platform that empowers people and supports designers and developers to create everyday digital tools, games and infrastructure.

Being so immersed in technology at all times is important for us to keep the most important element - People - at the center of our design process.

In this talk we would like to share some bits and pieces of the process we follow at Android Design to develop our platform, a process that involves deep user understanding supported by user research, constantly prototyping our ideas to get the product right to the details and interdisciplinary communication with our engineering and product partners to build rewarding, useful & beautiful experiences.

Paulo Coelho & Jorge Furuya from Android Design work on Android Auto, an optimized version of Android with a safe driving experience as our priority. Paulo is  the lead UX prototyper at Auto and Jorge is an interaction designer and UID alumni.


September 23 at 15:00 in the Auditorium:
Fashion technology
Lecture with Marina Toeters, Designer and researcher in fashion technology at
and Marloes Blaas, fashion designer at

Let's not waste the power of fashion: lets innovate for a better world. For relevant and circular textile products and a supportive fashion system. Marina Toeters will share her insights on how she tries to bridge the gab between the world of fashion and the one of technology. This time she will present together with fashion designer Marloes Blaas and possible some pre-liminairy student-results out of the Prototyping Fashionable Interactions workshop.


September 9 at 14:30 in the Green Room:
The Transformation of the Designer's Role

Lecture with Claudia Armbrüster, Lead Designer and Kilian Kreiser, Designer/Alumnus from the UID, from BCG Digital Ventures

Designers today are facing more challenges than they used to just a few years ago. Tasks have become more diverse and complex, so Designers have become more skilled and adaptable to handle new contexts. As a result, Design is more valuable than ever before. This lecture explores the theme based on recent examples and demonstrates how Designer's new role is pushing boundaries.

BCG Digital Ventures is the invention and venturing subsidiary of The Boston Consulting Group. We work with large-scale organizations to invent, invest in, and back businesses that transform entire categories, industries, and topics in the digital age. Founded in 2014, BCG Digital Ventures brings together entrepreneurs, designers, product managers, strategists, developers, and operators located in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, and Sydney.


Spring term 2015

April 1, 15.00 in the Green Room
Skateable sculptures with Rich Holland 

Rich's work combines action with aesthetics, physical pleasure with visual pleasure. Sculptures that can be skated are placed in challenging positions; between highbrow art and urban subculture. He focuses on the issue about the right to public space, that is gradually being occupied by commercial and private bodies.


March 11, 15.00 in the Green Room
Els Kuijpers, curator and art historian will present Jan van Toorn's work, dutch graphic design legend. Jan van Toorn will be there himself as well to answer questions. 

February 11, 15.00 in the Blue Room
Wednesday Lecture with Kenneth Bringzén
Sustainability - Humor - Materials

January 28, 15.00 in the Green Room
Music Tech Fest with Andrew Dubber

January 21, 15.00 in the Green Room
Wednesday Lecture with  Nigel Papworth
Scary Shadows, Free Drugs, Star Wars and why George Lucas is a Giant Twill Tin (google it)! 

What is the secret of fun?
why is money sometimes the worst of things?
how can we maximise the effect of our designs?
who has the free drugs?
all will be revealed!

January 14
, 15.00 in the Green Room
Crowdmaking with Michela Magas


Fall term 2014

December 3, 15.00 in the Green Room

Skogsklustret (The Forestry Technology Cluster) with Maria Hedblom, CEO of Skogstekniska Klustret, that works with increasing competitiveness through technological development. The supply of skills, industrial research and collaboration between business, society and the economy are the key task of the work. The cluster consists of 10 companies in northern Sweden, and UID has collaborated frequently both with individual companies, such as Komatsu Forest, and with the Cluster over the years. 

November 26, 15.00 in the Green Room
IxD2: Internship experiences

- Designit (Oslo, Johan)
- Philips (Eindhoven, Xia)
- IDEO (SanFrancisco, Jetti & Munich, Xia)
- LEGO (Billund, Jessica & Jetti)
- Veryday (Stockholm, Jessica)

November 12, 15.00 in the Blue Room
The inherent and growing dishonesty of pixel based information
Nigel Papworth,  Content designer at  Interactive Institute
An illumination of a future and growing problem with the general publics attitude to conventional information flow, which investigates some alternative and practical approaches that circumvent the problem and empower the message.

November 5, 15.00 in the Green Room
Strukturdesign in Umeå with  Johan Gustafsson

Thursday lecture:
October 30, 16.00 in the Green Room
To be one of them - a lecture on preconceptions and gender in design
Held by  Stina Nilimaa Wickström, Vice President Product and Design Management
WA WallVision Sweden AB
Formerly Head of Design Volvo Construction Equipment

October 29, 15.00 in the Green Room
How to be a small entrepeneur in design: A client case from zolland design
Bo Zolland at Zolland Design AB

October 22 2014, 15.00 in the Green Room
Internships experiences with  Anna-Maria Schneider and Aaron Wansch

October 8 2014, 15.00 in the Green Room
How to design a portfolio that works: One method, Step-by-step
Andreas Luescher is a Swiss architect, artist, and writer who works on design processes in architecture and urban design from an aesthetic, social, public policy, sustainability as well as visual culture perspective.

October 1,  Green Room, 15.00  North Kingdom - The Creative Process, 
Lara Gavina Creative strategist and Lars Alin Creative technologist
A talk about what North Kingdom does and how they do it!

Spring term 2014

January 22, Auditorium, 15.00 Prototyping practices, UID Guest professors Carl DiSalvo and Jamer Hunt

February 5, Green Room, 15.00 Out and about Internships, Ignacio Fernández Mino TD2, Ayse Gökce Bor IxD2 and Siri Johansson IxD2

February 19, Green Room, 15.00 What´s going on in HUMlab?

February 26, Green Room, 15.00 Workshop with refreshments Designing to reduce sedentary behaviour, Frida Bergman, physiotherapist , PhD student Department of Medicine,Viktoria Wahlström , physiotherapist , project coordinator Everyday Exercise, Parag Deshpande , researcher and Senior Lecturer Umeå Institute of Design, Mette Harder, Lecturer, School of Architecture

March 5, Green Room, 15.00 How the animals shaped my career, Petter Hanberger, 

March 19, Green Room, 
15.00 Out and about Internships, Matt Hunt, 15.00 Out and about Internships, Matt Hunt BMW, Kaloll Mohanty Kawasaki, William van Beek Atlas Copco and Jules Fennis Apple.

March 26, Green Room, 15,00 Storytelling & Design Ideas, filmmaker Mattias Löw,

April 2, Green Room, 17.00 A presentation of the Mercedes - Benz Advanced Design studio in Como Italy, Francesca Sangalli Design Research&Strategy and Color&Trim

April 9, Green Room, 15.00 Service Design in Practice, Satu Miettinen and Mira Alhonsuo, University of Lapland


Fall term 2013

September 25, Green Room, 15.00 Nina Horstmann, sustainability communication associate talks about An unsustainable world, Part 1 of the lecture series "Designing in a world of change"

October 2, Green Room, 14.30 Nina Horstmann,  Searching solutuions: Looking at alternative systems and finding materials: The value of resources., Part 2 of the lecture series "Designing in a world of change"

October 9, Green Room, 15.00 Nina Horstmann The challenge: The time of (design) innovation, Part 3 of the lecture series "Designing in a world of change"

October 16, Green Room, 15.00 Out and about: Experiences from internships. Shelagh Mclellan IxD2: design people, IDEO, Facebook. Doris Feuerstein IxD2, IDEO. Alastair Warren APD2, IDEO, Bosch, Ziba.

October 23, Green Room, 15.00 Ricardo Sa Freire, UID alumnus and design strategist,  Industrial designer with a passport

October 30, Green Room 15.00, Out and about with Demian Horst, head of UID Collaboration council and programme director of Transportation design

November 6, Green Room, 15.00 Out and about: Experiences from internships.  Linus Persson IxD2 IDEO, Velvet. Robert Kluit Provo APD2 Atlas Copco, Designit, Frog. Martin Edlund APD2, Zoundindustries, Designit, Harman.

November 13, Green Room, 15.00 Martin Willers, peoplepeople: Crowd funded - How to get degree work evaluated to 20 million Swedish krona.

November 27, Green Room, 15.00 Ylva Sundin, KvadratTextiles from Kvadrat; fibers, areas of application and colour trends

December 4, Green Room, 15.00 Out and about: Maxime Dubreucq APD2 Lunar. Dawid Dawood APD2, Husqvarna Group, Teague, Toyota boshoku. Ayse Bor IxD2,

December 11, Green Room 13.30 Anders Breitholz Material Connexions

Spring term 2013

January 21, Green Room, 16.00. John Thackara, Innovation starts with a meaningful question

February 27, Green Room, 15.00. Experiences from Internships

March 6, Green Room, 15.00. Turkka Keinonen, visiting researcher at UID from the Aalto university, talks about Wellbeing, development of new
services within the public sector.

March 13, Green Room, 13.15. Kjetil Fallan, design historian at the University of Oslo, talks about Alumination: Co-constructing Material and Meaning in the Design History of Aluminium


Autumn term 2012

September 26, Auditorium, 15.00.  David Sjunnesson & Adam Meyer from Tellart present The making of the Chrome Web Lab.

October 3, Green Room, 15.00. The Genius of Design part 1, video introduced by Tony Catignani, lecturer in industrial design at UID.

October 10, Auditorium 15.00. Experiences of Internships, Apurba Pawar, Melanie Becker, Marco Peter, Salim Dogan and Simon Fredriksson all APD2 students will share information from time at Designit, Toyota Boschoko, Atlas Copco, IDEO, TEAMS Design and VW.

October 17, Green Room 15.00. IDEO and Simon King

October 24, Design Protection, What's in it for you? Valea AB, Uminova

October 31, Metropolitan Biproducts, Jeanette Steinsland and Soren Nordal Enevoldsen

November, 7 Experiences of Internships, Lynn Bui IxD2, Rickard Stark TD2, Sharon Williams IxD2, Miha Feus IxD2 wil share information from time at Frog, Designit, Ford Design, IDEO, Smart Design, VOX.IO, Daihatsu Design

November, 14 Being in the World, introduced by Stoffel Kuenen

November, 21 Context, Beauty, Meaning, Marten de Jong, Emma Architects Amsterdam

November 28, Future Farmers, artists Amy Franceschini and Michael Swaine of Futurefarmers, San Fransisco, talk about their current project on the limits of knowledge.

December, 5 Form discussions, Anna Valtonen, Jasjit Singh and Tony Catignani


Spring term 2012

February 8, Green Room, 16.30 - 17.30. Private and Public Lighting: Robin Hedman

February 15, Blue Room, 15.00 - 16.00. How I run a small design business: Bo Zolland, Viztech.

February 22, Red Room, 15.00 - 16.00. Experiences from Internships: Malin Grummas APD2, Jennifer Sarich-Harvey IxD2 , Eric Leong TD2 and Nick Ross APD2

February 29, Green Room, 15.00 - 16.00.Design protection - what's in it for you? Markus Dahlberg


March 7: Green Room, 15.00 - 16.00. Start your deisgn career with Electrolux Design Lab: Henrik Otto, Senior Vice President, Global Design, Electrolux

March 14: Green Room, 13.15 - 15.15. Silence in the inner and outer space: Peter Bryngelsson

March 28: Blue Room 13.15 - 15.15. Oversight: Authentic Change, Colour and material forecasting: Oliver Schmidt and Richard Prime

Autumn term 2011

September 21, Auditorium, 15.00-16.00. My life in design: Henrik Otto, Electrolux.

September 28, Auditorium & Top PC lab, 13.00-16.00. Cadcraft: Design update - experience digital design in practice.

October 14, Auditorium, 15.00-16.00. I sketch, therefore I am: Martijn van de Wiel, Make it Tuesday.

October 26, Green Room, 15.00 - 16.00. Reflections on Internships. Omer Haciomeroglu, Ayca Kinik Altuner, John Lee and Cenk Aytekin all from APD2.

2 November, Auditorium, 15.00-16.00. Student Health Service - for support and medical advice during your period of studies: Public Health Planner Jeanette Lundberg, Student Health Service

9 November, Auditorium, 15.00-16.00. Design Rhetorics, Fredrik Goffhé, Formal Design AB.

16 November, Auditorium, 13.00 - 16.00. CANCELLED

23 November, Auditorium, 15.00-16.00, Imagine All the People, Jeroen Raijmakers, Global Design Director Healthcare, Philips.

30 November, Green room, 15.00-16.00. The New Design for All Test: Lena Lorentzen.

7 December, Green room, 14.00-15.00. What I have learned about design in 18 years. Christian Lindholm, Creative Innovation Officer, Fjord.

14 December, Green Room, 15.00-16.00. Information about the master programmes at UID