Hälsa på campus

Date: 2018-02-13
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: Universum
The event is for: students - employees

Program Hälsa på Campus - tema Träna Hjärna 2018-02-13

Lectures in Aula Nordica

Time Lecture title Lecturer

Healty workplaces - factors for maintaining your well-being 

This presentation will be held in Swedish.

What forms the basis of a healthy workplace and what organisational and individual factors contribute to keeping employees healthy in the long term? This lecture is aimed at those who want to improve their well-being and strive towards a healthier workplace environment.

ohanna Stenling is an authorised psychologist and Stina Nilsson is an authorised physiotherapist. Both work at Feelgood occupational health care services where they regularly meet individuals, groups and members of staff at organisations regarding their health and work environment.



Johanna Stenling, Feelgood
Stina Nilsson, Feelgood

What can be considered good exercise and a healthy lifestyle? José Nunez.

This presentation will be held in Swedish

At the moment, we find ourselves at a point in time when we have never before had so much knowledge about training and health, and still we are twice as unhealthy as in 2007. How is that possible? The presentation revolves around how exercise and training should be developed in order to better correspond to human needs of natural performance and a better well-being. Novel exercise methods are in demand now.

José Nunez is the founder of the training method Moveoo. He is sporting director at the IT company HiQ, and is also active as a coach, trainer, author and speaker. He has over 30 years of experience in helping the elite, children and everyday athletes. José Nunez is an esteemed speaker who spreads inspiration in municipal and public organisations as well as in corporations who all share an aspiration for promoting health


José Nunez



Get inspired – leadership for life
Pernilla Forsberg Tiger.

This presentation will be held in Swedish.

A lecture aimed to fill you with inspiration on how to deal with challenges and find motivation when setbacks strike in everyday life. Pernilla Forsberg Tiger shares serious and fun anecdotes collected during adventures and disasters by bike. Travels that have turned to strengths, lessons and leadership-skills for life.

Pernilla Forsberg Tiger is an authorised psychologist specialised in solution-oriented methodology. She works with supporting and developing employees, employers and organisational structures. Pernilla Forsberg Tiger also competes in international mountainbike races. 

Pernilla Forsberg Tiger


Time Title Workshopledare Local
kl. 13:00-14:30

Coming back after stress-related exhaustion

This session will be held in Swedish.

We have all experience of some form of sick leave. It might have happened to ourselves, or someone in our vicinity – a family member, a friend, a colleague who has been struck with stress-related exhaustion. This workshop is aimed towards those who wonder how to act towards and support a colleague who is returning to work after a sick leave.

This event is only open for members of staff.


Johanna Stenling & Thomas Vainio, Feelgood Universitets-
kl. 14:00-15:00

Do the right thing more often

 This session will be held in Swedish.

How will we, with the use of exercise and training, be able to better fit the biological human being into the passive and digitalised future? Through shared insights and practical examples, this presentation will provide you with tools to adapt when training or in your daily life where you may be studying, working, travelling or spending time at home.

José Nunez Corona
kl. 14:20-15:30

Breathing and recovery

This session will be held in Swedish.

How would you feel about recovering from the everyday ‘musts’, and find an inner peace for a while? During this session, you get to acquaint yourself with breathing exercises that reduce the tension and increases the ability to be present in your own body.

The workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to go through life breathing slightly calmer and more peacefully. The setup is easy to follow and the contents are presented through both theory and practical exercises. If possible, bring your own yoga mat or a blanket to lie on

Sanna Mendes Rotundan
kl. 15:00-17:00

The Life Compass – a creative workshop using collage technique

This workshop is set

The Student Health Service offers a workshop where students get an introduction into the Life Compass and collage technique, a tool used in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, also known as ACT. This is an explorative, creative workshop where you get to focus on life values and what is meaningful in your life. 

Only for students. This workshop is set!

Maximum participants: 15. Please show up on time to get a seat.

Student Health Service Universitets-
kl. 10:00-15:30 Test your flexibility

Physiotherapy students recommend individual training exercises.
kl. 10:00-15:30 Technique coaching

Students from the Physical Trainer Programme give tips and tricks on how to do squats and deadlifts.


Tid Aktivitet Lokal

In Universum, various Umeå associations will exhibit their offerings and welcome you to certain test activities.

An exhibition where you get the opportunity to try out new things.


All of week 7
12–18 February

Free entrance for employees

Gym and group sessions provided there are available spaces.

USM Utopia, Navet, Marieberg
kl. 09:00-14:30

Free entrance for students and employees

Gym and group sessions provided there are available spaces.


IKSU Sport & IKSU Plus
kl. 11:00-15:00 Massage by physiotherapy students

Register on
Norrskenet, Studenthälsan
kl. 12:00 Outdoor Running Training IFK Umeå

Beginners and the elite, everyone is welcome

Samling utanför Universum 
kl. 12:00-12:30 CXWORX® fitness class
Using resistance bands.

IKSU kör passet i Rotundan
kl. 12:35-13:05 Yoga
If possible, take your own yoga mat.
IKSU kör passet i Rotundan
kl. 13:10-13:40 Zumba®

IKSU kör passet i Rotundan
kl. 13:45-14:15 Total Training
No equipment
IKSU kör passet i Rotundan
All of week 7 Quiz walk with prizes Start/stopp Infocenter


Organizer: Umeå School of Sports Sciences
Contact person: Tove Mårs
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